When a couple decides to get married, there are certain guidelines they must follow which revolve around proper wedding etiquette.

As the term suggests, etiquette is the state in which proper manners have to be followed during weddings, and pre-wedding activities. The most common wedding etiquette would be its use in wedding invitations.

Wedding etiquette has been a basis of good manners for a long time. It dates back to ancient time, and has been followed even up to today.

There have been certain changes throughout the years to fit the modern day setting, but one thing is for certain, the rules are just the same.

As a couple prepares for their wedding, the proper wedding etiquette should be followed in the invitations they plan to send out.

The reason being is that since it has to be sent out to special guests, proper and cordial guidelines should be followed as not to disrespect the invited guests and to produce the intended outcome the couple wants for the wedding.

With the help of professional wedding coordinators, the couple should not have to dwell too much on the very details themselves.

Here are some of the proper wedding etiquette guidelines to remember and should be included in the invitations:

  • Number of guests – Since all weddings are planned out through a budget, there is a certain number of guests that can come and are actually invited which means certain number of guests can only be accommodated. Proper wedding etiquette would state the number of actual guests for an invitation, which is said in the most polite manner.
  • Wedding gift from guests – Gifts can come in different forms. The proper wedding etiquette should state whether the gifts should be in cash or in actual items. It should also state where the bride and groom have signed for a bridal registry included in the invitation itself.
  • Table arrangements – It is proper wedding etiquette to seat guests accordingly. Usually these seating arrangements are revealed in the wedding invitation. You may seat guests whom you wish would get to know each other better, or separate those whom you know do not like one another.
  • Miscellaneous requests – It is proper wedding etiquette to request simple things such as a reply to the RSVP. Asking them nicely could help in minimizing excess guests whom are not even sure to go. You may also indicate in the invitation the proper attire that guests should be wearing to the wedding itself. This is usually dependent on the theme of the wedding.

If you plan to follow proper wedding etiquette and seem to be at a loss, you should not worry about it and ask for help from wedding planners. That’s what they are there for, and would most certainly help in making sure wedding etiquette is followed.

Perhaps asking help from friends or family that have been married could help by giving tips and showing you their invitation to their wedding. For more ideas, you may search the internet for wedding etiquette guidelines.



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