The wedding is an auspicious occasion for any lovely couple. On this day many people are invited.  Among those people, there are some people who don’t like alcohol, and few like taking alcohol and some are moderate. Now coming to the point, on such a special day no one will suggest spoiling it because of unnecessarycircumstances.

As it’s your wedding party, your people and your decisions. If you find any problem in arranging the alcohol they won’t do so. There are three types of arrangements in the weddings and are illustrated as follows:

Alcohol at the Wedding: Yes Or A No?

No alcohol in the wedding or Dry Wedding

Many people will not servealcohol in weddings.  These types of weddings are also called as the Dry weddings.

The people who are very religious will not think of alcohol weddings. There might be certain friends who only like and prefer the alcohol wedding. Then for such people, you can notify them in advance that it’s a dry wedding.

There are some people who are not very religious. Even though, the wedding is dry. The friends and family members who are interested in the alcohol type of weddings get bored. For such people, their own bartender is provided with a special place under the observation of the security.

In many weddings where alcohol is prohibited, they provide tea, lemonade and different types of sodas.

Hard cash bar weddings:

In these types of weddings, the trustworthiness of the cost of the bartender is on you. In this case, also, prior information to the guests should be passed to provide ease and enjoy accordingly.

Restricted facility of the bar:

In this type of service, alcohol is served for restricted or few chosen people. Many provisions are there in restricting this facility. One is by providing tokens to the people who like it. So that in two to three pegs they are done. If they have the desire to have more they should pay for themselves.

The other option is to serve the beer and wine only to wrap the weddings in an easy manner. The final option is to arrange the signature cocktails along with the soft drinks. This type of wedding option will make the addicted people a bit satisfied.

Drinking Bar:

An attractive option is the one in which you arrange alcohol for your guests. But the bartender will set the limit of your servings as per your guests for the amount billed by you. After that, the bartender will wrap the bar or the bar with the cost at that instant for extra servings. It is very much possible for the catering services. Offering signature drinks is the superior idea.

Open Bar weddings:

It’s a type of bar where you purchase the alcohol and run on your own. You may get much appreciation. All the people who wish will drink as much as they can and run up. The other option is to include tea, water, and other types of beverages. If you opt for the open bar wedding, never think of saving money in any aspect.

Generally, alcohol is served in the reception parties. If alcohol is served there might be some people who drink embarrassingly and ruins the party. Before throwing the wedding party make decisions with family, partner, caterer and mainly planner. There the pros and cons will be in your mind, decide the things perfectly. Choose an excellent themed party that goes on smooth and becomes awesome.


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