You are super excited, super busy and have a ton of wonderful plans for your big day – your wedding. You have everything planned to the last detail!

wedding plansHowever, while you plan for your big day to be as perfect as possible, the way you always dreamed it would be, are you also making plans for later? It’s not the honeymoon we’re talking about here; it is life after the wedding, the actual marriage, the relationship.

Some couples expend so much time, energy, and resources, financial and otherwise on a wedding that they forget what is perhaps far more important than just the wedding day. The wedding is only a beginning to a new life; it is not an end in itself. It would serve a couple well to remember that even as they plan their big day.

Don’t forget that your resources should be optimally used, using up all your finances to have a grand wedding does not make a lot of sense if it will leave you little to build your married life on, or worse deep in debt as you start out on your journey as a married couple. Have your big day by all means but be sure to be prudent and savvy as well.

Remember the wedding is one day that will pass swiftly, the rest of your married life still has to be worked on. And while the wedding day is a huge one which will create memories for life, your relationship is the important thing that will continue to create beautiful memories throughout life!

You should also be discussing the practicalities of married life, the day to day aspect of living and loving and sharing together rather than just the wedding. You can recite your wedding reception menu in your sleep but have you spoken about who will be doing the cooking when you’re married for instance?

And as you spend your days in a flurry of activity, planning, designing, arranging and finalizing, remember to be there for one another. You simply cannot let your relationship suffer as a result of all your wedding planning.

Remember to make time for one another, to spend quality time together and share and speak about things other than just the upcoming wedding.

Remember to support your spouse to be, when times are stressful as this is important to cement a relationship from the beginning to deepen and make more profound a love that you hope will last a lifetime.



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