weddingThe idea of having “green” or environmentally responsible weddings is very hot right now. [Green Weddings]

But you can choose to go a step beyond, having a wedding that is not only good for the environment, but also good for your community. Here are some ideas.

Choose a local venue for your wedding. You’ll increasing spending in your home town, keeping the money in your community.

When possible, choose a centrally located venue to minimize travel for most of your guests. Choose local and in season when it comes to food and flowers. You will be supporting local businesses and growers.

Donate any leftover food to your local food bank or shelter. Donate your flowers to a local nursing home or hospital.

Instead of wedding gifts, you might ask your guests to contribute to a charity that is important to you. (The producers of the hit show Grey’s Anatomy just did something similar for their characters.) [Unique Wedding Gifts]

Instead of a wedding shower, you might hold a “food drive shower,” where all the guests bring nonperishable food that is donated to a local food bank.

Instead of giving your guests wedding favors, make a charitable donation in their name. You could also buy your favors from a company that employs the underprivileged, or from local thrift shops that support charities.

There are a number of charitable organizations that provide prom dresses for underprivileged girls. Consider asking your bridesmaids to donate their dresses to such a charity.



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