I bet you read many useful tips how to throw a cheap and beautiful wedding. But today I gathered five unique ones just for you! These tips are not so commonly knows, but they surely help a lot and save you money big time! Intrigued? Let’s get to this list now and let me prove that you don’t know all the tricks yet! perfectweddingzonecom-564f00848aa2f

Start from the right date

This can mean wedding on Friday or Sunday, or it can mean a year, two or more after the engagement! Firsts of all, you can save pretty a lot if you just decide to make your wedding at any day of the week than Saturday. For instance, if you get your wedding at holiday weekend, many people don’t have to work on Monday. So – Sunday should be your top priority.

Also, you don’t rush to get married, and book a date you wish for a year or even two in the future. This way will you get a great price offer since venue owners love to see that they are booked far into the future.

Then go through your guests list


So if you actually want to make your dream wedding happen and still save some money, let’s start working on a guest list. And by that I mean trimming it and rewriting it as much as possible. Sometimes it is much better to have only close family members and friends than invite hundreds of people who you never seen and who just came here to eat and drink for free. It is time to make a wedding for yourself and invite people you want there. That way the number of guests might drop pretty low. And so your spendings!

Hire an aspiring photographer


There are a huge bunch of talented photographers who haven’t made a name for themselves yet. And you can use that for your benefit! All aspiring photographers usually ask for a tiny fee for their service. But they still give you pretty good looking pictures that sometimes can be unique looking. So just by giving a new photographer a chance to earn his name, you can both save a lot of money and enjoy stunning pictures.

Forget about the cake

There are so many other and a lot better options for a dessert than a wedding cake. And it will cost you much less as well! Better order some cupcakes or even donuts and it will be unique, delicious, and it won’t coast you hundreds of dollars. With that, you can make your wedding truly unique and a lot of fun for everybody! So get creative and forget about that huge wedding cake you even won’t eat!

Think creatively about wedding dress

Bridal salons are pricey for a reason. In fact, just by staying away from these stores you can save tons of cash. For example, hit simple clothing stores that are not usually selling wedding dresses. All the bigger named brands have a section of a gown that can be purchased in white. So – maybe that can be your perfect cheap wedding dress? And moreover, bride’s dress can’t be bought cheaper with coupons then ordinary dress can. Just check some of these Neiman Marcus promo codes, for instance. It might be a perfect timing to get a white gown for your big day there a lot cheaper!



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