When the site of your wedding is very far from your living place, or when you want to wed at your favorite holiday destination, your wedding planning becomes a bit complicated, but it is not impossible.

It is absolutely possible if you approach with perfect plan.

While many couples choose to get married locally, long distance wedding can be a special treat for you as well as for your guests.

Although many holiday vacation spots have special wedding packages, planning your own wedding can remain as memorable and special experience for everyone involved. So, to help you out in your long distance wedding plan, here are few planning tips.

1. Save the date of your wedding!

This is the most important thing that you should have in your mind. This can possibly make your wedding plan easy for you to some extent and will give you some peace of mind.

Even, the advance notice for your guests will give them an opportunity to assign vacation time and to start budgeting for travel.

2. Hire wedding coordinator!

Consult a best wedding agency in your city or at your wedding destination and hire a better wedding planner for your big day. He\she will be knowledgeable about marriage procedures, destination facts and local vendors of the city.

You can ask suggestions to your wedding coordinator that can help you to personalize your wedding and incorporate local traditions and customs.

3. Plan safety travel!

Perfect planning is very crucial in long distance wedding and it will also require you to travel long distances. When you are visiting your wedding site, take care of as many things as possible.

Ensure that you have packed all your wedding essentials including wedding dress, jewelry, wedding favors and many more important things. Choose safety transport to visit wedding site and pack your things carefully.

4. Reach your wedding destination few days before!

If time permits, arrive at your wedding destination few days, at least a week, early. By this time you should know how many people are coming and accordingly you should make arrangements. If you arrive early, it can help you to make your wedding arrangements perfect without any stress.

You can also find more time to finalize last minute details like reception decoration, flower decorations and get good look to your ceremony site. This extra time will help you to relax and look fresh on big day of your life.



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