Your wedding is something that you will remember for the rest of your life, but to keep every memory more alive, you might be looking for some wedding photography ideas. Here are some that you may be interested in.

Create a list when considering ideas for wedding photography

One of the best things that a photographer can do is to ask the couple to make up a list of shots that they would like to have. This way there would be a checklist with all of their ideas. This is very useful in case of the family photos.

Wedding Photography IdeasFind a coordinator

It is a great idea for wedding photography to ask the couple to nominate a coordinator that would take care of the family photos. This way there would be less chaos.

This person could mobilize people, so that the photos would take less time to get done.

Find the location

When you are looking for ideas for wedding photography, it could be helpful to look for some locations. You, as the photographer, could take a look at different locations and do some shots as a test.


There are a lot of things that could go wrong, even though you have found many good wedding photography ideas. This is why there is always need for a backup plan, and also for spare batteries and blank memory cards. In order to get everything done it time, also think of the route that you are going to use on the day of the wedding.

Also it is a useful idea for wedding photographer to be present at the rehearsal dinner to see the location the wedding is going to take place in and also to find positions to make photos.

How about the expectations?

When it comes to wedding photography ideas, it is very important to know about the expectations that the couple has from the photos. Show them some of your work, and also discuss the things that they want photos of and how they are going to use the photos. In case you are getting paid for the job, make sure that the financial aspects of the event are also covered.

No sound

In the majority of the cases the cameras make a sound when they take a picture. As an idea for wedding photography, you should make sure that your camera makes no noise.

God is in details

As wedding photography ideas, to add dimension to the wedding album, you should make photos of rings, shoes, the backs of dresses, table centerpieces and also menus. In case you need some inspiration, you can always look for ideas in magazines.

As you may see, these wedding photography ideas that have been presented are everything but complicated and you can be sure that you can get them all done in little time. Also they make sure that the couple will be happy with the results and maybe they will recommend you to other couples that are planning to get married sometime in the future.



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