Wedding photos tell the story of your big day long after you’ve forgotten most of that day. Needless to say you want the best possible photos of your wedding. While all of this will depend upon whom you hire – the camera quality and the photographer’s skills – it will also depend upon the instructions you give to the photographer.

Wedding Photographer

Here are things you should discuss with your wedding photographer:

Ask to see samples

Seeing the photographer’s previous work will tell you about the quality of their work, their style of photography etc. It will also give you an idea about whether you want traditional shots or whether you want some contemporary styles to be included. Also you can find out if the photographer does any touchups, photo shopping or other editing.

Ask about experience

Does the photographer specialize in weddings? If so make discreet inquiries from previous clients of the photographer. If not, how many weddings have they done if any?

Ask how much of the event will be covered

If you’re having a church wedding and then a reception at another location, is the photographer going to cover both events? How much time will the photographer actually spend at each venue? Will they arrive before time and stay until the guests have left? Clarify all of this beforehand so that there aren’t any unpleasant surprises later.

Give clear instructions

If there are any angles you don’t like, inform the photographer. What are the angles and poses that you absolutely must have? Which of your family members and friends are going to be part of group portraits? How many of these will be there? If there are particular guests you want the photographer to concentrate on, inform them about this. If you have specific preferences about backgrounds, soft focus etc, inform the photographer.

Ask about prints, reprints, negatives, albums, etc

What is the size of the final prints you’re going to get? How many large portraits or blow ups will you get? Does this include a final album and will all the pictures be put into the album before you get them? If friends and relatives want copies, what will this cost? What about the negatives or the soft copies (in case of digital cameras); will the photographer put everything on a CD and give it to you? Do they retain anything with them?

Clarify all details about the package

Ask about taxes, out of pocket expenses, meals to be provided and so on. Clarity makes for a hassle free and stress free experience.



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