wedding photographyYour wedding photos are there as visual memories of your wedding day.

Bad pictures can make your wedding look like it was boring and dull.

Get good wedding photographs and also know the different forms available to make the best pictures.

Contemporary photography is also known as modern, magazine, reportage, photo book, informal or even art photography. It is cutting edge and unexplainable.

Photographers are failing to properly define it. Nowadays wedding photographers no longer just focus all their attention on the bride and groom and actually mingle with the wedding guests capturing all the candid moments as they occur.

These moments are what make the wedding special and photographers have realized that photographs taken unaware are more attractive than stiff and possibly faked poses and fake smiles. This is a more accurate account of the wedding. It properly documents the lighter moments that reflect the happy mood of the day.

Not focusing on only two people allows the photographer to capture the exact mood as it was. A wedding is mostly about the newlyweds but the guests are equally as important. They have taken time out of their busy schedules to come and share in your special day. They would also have spent a substantial amount of money on your wedding gift.

Contemporary photography produces pictures that remind you of the exact feelings that you felt instead of the traditional pictures that only reminded you of what you were wearing and what you looked like.

Achieving contemporary wedding photography is easy if you do it the digital route. You need to have taken the photographs with a digital camera.

You will need two suitable images that may be merged together. This method is called multi exposure. Open both images in Photoshop and decide which image you want to be the ”centre” and which one you would like to be the ”surround”.

The centre must have the focal point in the middle. The surround is usually landscapes. The most popular way is to use the faces of the bride and groom as the centre. Drag your centre photo over the surround photo.

This layers your centre picture into the surround photo. Adjust and resize the centre photo until it fits perfectly into the surround. Your layers must palette and you must select the centre layer. Use the elliptical tool to chop the centre image.

And make the same size shape on the surround and then flatten them together. This style merges two photos together that would be boring on their own individually.



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