You have been appointed to capture the moments on your camera in that beach wedding of your cousin. All you can think of is the harsh light from the mid afternoon sun that might spoil every attempt at your trying to create magic out of those moments through your lens.

Tricks to Capture Those Moments on a Beach Wedding

Read on to find out some ideas you could try out to click beautiful pictures even in the mid- afternoon glaring sun.

1. Shoot in a single strobe Manual flash mode and Ettl/Auto in order to keep the controls on exposure in your own hands. Your subjects should not be more than 8 ft away from you.

2. If the sun is directly above, make your subjects tilt their heads down slightly, so as to avoid those hot spots on noses. Use the sun’s position to pose your subjects either in full sun or with their back against it to capture stunning pictures without the use of umbrellas or reflectors. In any case carrying an umbrella is useless as you would either require someone to carry and position it for you, or the umbrella might blow away in the wind.

3. Use the haze that is present naturally to create a fun feel to the pictures. On the contrary if the haze is intense, use a lens hood to cut down on it.

4. Spot metering can be done on the face of your subjects, especially when there is back lighting. In simple words this s a technique where you instruct the camera to expose some parts of the subject over others. Try catching a few silhouettes. As the sun is going down meter the background and shoot the subject to catch them in profile.

5. You could try an ISO 100, f11 @ 1/250th–ISO 100 f13 @ 1/200th. For a brighter and natural background, you may try opening the aperture a third or two but also take into consideration if you are clicking a subject with blond hair or white gown.

6. Use a fill flash to lift the details of shadows. To capture the sky blue, try ISO 100, f11 @ 1/250th. Do not meter this. For blue sky, overexpose to one and increase to 2 to get white sky. Use a fill flash on your subjects against a backdrop of blue sky.

7. Try to capture the fun element at the event. As beach weddings are essentially fun, click your subjects in the sun and sand frolicking with water, jumping in the air. Click them as they don their sunglasses to avoid squint of their eyes from the sun’s glare spoil the picture. Stand no more than 8-12 feet from the group.

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