Pre-Wedding Shoots are always special and exciting as you are at the threshold of beginning a new journey by tying the wedding knot with your partner. Pre-Wedding Shoots are more like opportunities that give you the chance to spend some more time with your partner before all the wedding craziness begins. The main motive is to capture the most important phase of your life and make those memories eternal.

There are several things that one should take care of, before and during the photo shoot. Here are 6 tips for your pre-wedding shoot:

1. Time of Photo Shoot

The time of the shoot is one of the important factors. It is best to schedule your photo session a month prior to your wedding. With you getting busy with the wedding day preparation, you may not have enough time and energy for the shoot. The best time to have the shoot is during the day if you want to have natural pictures in daylight.

6 Top Tips for Pre-Wedding Shoots

2. Theme and Concept

You should discuss the theme and concept on which your photo should is going to be based on with both your partner and the photographer. If you have hired an expert photographer, he can give you technical and creative advice and what might be suitable for you as a couple. Themes and concepts help you to choose what kind of photos you want. It helps to bring out the very essence that makes your relationship unique.

There are many creative themes from which you can choose:

  • Panorama
  • Romantic
  • Silhouette
  • Vintage
  • Nature
  • Tell Your Story With Property
  • Bokeh etc.

3. Location

This is another factor that affects your photographs. Beautiful locations are a key to have beautiful photographs. The location can either be indoor or outdoor or both. It is best to take your photographer for a site visit, so that he can plan out the shoot. It is best to choose a location that is suitable for your concept. Beaches, parks, historical places, highways or studios etc are some of the locations you may prefer for your shoot. Also, photo shoot at studios help you to save time. There are abstract backgrounds, set designs and different costumes for you to try on.

4. Attire

Attire or costume is another factor that helps to enhance your photographs. You can even try on multiple costumes for your photo shoot for different themes. Dressing style has always been an important factor representing culture, style, music, environment, occasion, fashion, moods etc. You can also play with the colour combinations and contrasts and coordinate costumes with your partner. This looks splendid in pictures.

5. Make Up

Makeup is an element that makes you look attractive, and enhances your features. Always take the advice of your photographer as to what kind of makeup would be suitable for the photo shoot.

6. Poses

Do a little research on what kind of poses you would like your photographer to shoot for you. You can access the internet where you will get ample ideas. It is best to discuss the poses with your photographer prior to the shoot.


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