Starting out a career in wedding photography can be a daunting task.

First you have to check if you have all the proper equipment, and then begin creating a portfolio you can show prospective clients. Then you should have a list of helpful contacts who you can contact for printing, framing, and additional staff if needed.

wedding photographyOnce you’ve done these and are booked for your first event, you’re ready to go, but here are some tips that could be helpful for your very first event in wedding photography:

  1. Building a shot list is helpful for you as well as the couple. This shows that although you are just starting out in wedding photography, you know what you are doing.A shot list is provided to the couple to allow them to think ahead of what kind of photos they want to have. This will also allow them to remind their family members and friends of their photo duties.
  2. Just like with any other kind of photography, location also plays an important role in wedding photography. Before the big day, it is useful for you to visit the locations you will be shooting in to get a feel of the lighting requirements, weather, and positions for the shot that will maximize the location.A site visit also allows you to study the best angles to give you the best wedding photography shots.
  3. You may also want to hire an additional photographer to help you out. Wedding photography entails capturing details as they happen, and being everywhere at the same time is virtually impossible. Having a second photographer can be a big help in capturing these moments.
  4. Coordinating family photos get quite chaotic on the day itself, with people running everywhere. If there is a wedding coordinator, you may want to speak with them to arrange for a “director” who can help you get all family members in order for the photos.It’s your job to take care of the subjects in wedding photography, and your clients wouldn’t be so happy with you if you “forgot” to include a family member in the portrait. Having someone assist you to call everyone out can be a great help.
  5. You can help make wedding photography more fun by showing the photos off during reception. If people like your photos, this will give you valuable reach to an audience, and also add to the fun factor by showing photos you’ve taken as a slideshow in the reception.
  6. Don’t get rid of shots you are initially happy with. You can manipulate them and keep these later on for your wedding photography portfolio, even if the couple doesn’t use them.
  7. There may be some basic formulas to follow for wedding photography, but don’t be afraid to mix things up a little bit for some creativity.Experiment with different angles to give your clients perspective, and you may even discover something that works great for you.


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