Wedding photographs are indeed the most important photographs of life time and thus appointing a good photographer is really important. In general it is seen that known and good photographers usually charge so high that it would burn a hole in the pocket.

Hence, all of us look for wedding photographers who are cheap and good. Though it is difficult to find a combination of both but it is not impossible. If you follow the right tips and keep a checklist for a few aspects handy, you will surely find a good photographer in your budget that will help you cherish your wedding memories forever. Below given is the list of these tips:

tips to find cheap wedding photographers

Plan your Wedding in the Off Season

When the wedding season is on, photographers have a lot of orders and taking advantage of the urgency, they usually charge a lot. When the wedding season finishes, they reduce their prices and also offer discounts. If you have an off season wedding, you can easily save up to 40 percent of the cost as compared to the amount you would spend in the wedding season and hence, doing this is a great idea.

Get Different Quotes

Do not be in a hurry to finalize a photographer. Take quotations from different photographers and check what all is included in the cost. Also check the previous work done by the photographer and finalize it accordingly. Do this well in advance so that you have time to analyze different quotations.

Hire a Photographer and Videographer Together

Look for packages which offer photographer and videographer together. Compare the rates for hiring both together and separately and choose the cheaper option.

Hire them only for a Few Hours

Do not hire the photographers or videographers for the entire day. Instead, hire them for few hours and get the photography done within that time itself. This will save a lot of money compared to the amount needed for hiring a photographer for full day.

Hire a Student Photographer

Student photographers, amateurs or people who are new in the business charge very less compared to the price charged by experienced photographers. Hence, you can hire them as a cheaper option but make sure you have a look at the past work done by student photographers as all of them might not be good.

Check for Hidden Charges

Take all the details of aspects included in your wedding photography bills. Check for hidden taxes and charges so that no extra amount gets added to your bills later.


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