Pre-wedding photo shoots have existed in the world of wedding photography for quite some time, but the trend seems to be experiencing a new wave of indulgers. Pre-wedding photography has expanded into conceptualised sessions with particular motivations and directions.

Some concepts of pre-wedding photography centre around the idea of representing the whole story of the couple getting married while others focus on the feel of the moment. But concept of the pre-wedding shoot is not the only important aspect of the shoot. There are many small and important components that make for perfect pre-wedding photos.

tips for attractive pre-wedding shootSo here are a few tips which may help you in making the perfect and most attractive pre-wedding shoot.

  1. Get gross idea of what you want the pre-wedding shoot to look like. First decide on the theme i.e. do you want the theme of the pre-wedding shoot to be the same as the wedding theme or do you want it to be something contrasting. Then move on to establishing a whole concept.
  2. While deciding on a concept, keep it personal and in no case feel pressured to do something just because all others are doing it. For example a lot of your pre-wedding shoot can focus on your first date and the moment you first confessed your love. It can also be a series that focuses on the journey which led to the wedding. Some also prefer to make the pre wedding shoot all about the things they like to do  together for example shop  for groceries, walk the dogs etc. But whatever it is, you need to have a clear picture of it in mind.
  3. The location also plays a participating role in the pre-wedding shoot. Hence when deciding on a location makes sure it complements the theme and the concept. The location should adapt to the concept and that will make for very attractive and unique photographs.
  4. Another tip on the location decision is to try and pick out a location which gives you access to natural light. Photos taken in natural light are very attractive and a good photographer will know to take advantage of this.
  5. Dressing up for the pre-wedding shoot can be another confusing matter to take a decision on. But the tip will always be to not worry and just dress it up for the shoot. Always pick getting “dressed up” against “going plain” when deciding for the pre-wedding shoot. The more attractive you look the more attractive the pictures.


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