Wedding is one of the most important occasion in one’s life and everyone wishes to look good on this day and photographs helps us in reliving those memories. Sure, we want to look flawless in pictures but the photographer will only be able to click good pictures when he is aware of certain things. Below we have listed few things which your wedding photographer must know while clicking pictures.

3 Things Your Wedding Photographer Must Know

1. How well is the wedding organized?

A wedding photographer is a person who will barely stay more than 20 feet away from the bride and the groom. He or she will capture each and every moment of the wedding from the begging till the end. The wedding photographer needs to know if you are organized or not as if you are not he will have to give extra attention while clicking pictures to make them look good.

He needs to know if the lights are good for clicking wonderful images or not. The area where the function is being arranged needs to be well known by the photographer so that he can decide where to click images to get a maximum number of good images. Lighting plays a very important role in making a video look good and if the lighting is not proper the photographer will have to arrange it himself.

2. Your couple history and dance preference

A wedding photography is incomplete without portraying the events that led to the marriage. Tell your photographer about your story and he can then come up with good photo ideas. You can always tell how you met and how and who proposed. When you tell your photographer all about the events, we are quite sure that you will get some fancy pictures to show off after the wedding.

Also, we are quite sure that every wedding function these days includes a dance ceremony. Your photographer must know in advance your dance preferences as every photograph is having a unique setup.

Surprising your photographer with your crazy dance moves in the middle of a romantic dance will make him confused and he will not be able to capture those moments beautifully. You can always be a crazy dancer, there’s no shame in it but make sure that your photographer is aware of it as he/she can then be prepared to capture your moves.

3. Wedding Theme

Not all weddings are having a similar theme. Different theme means different decoration set up and different lighting set up. Your photographer needs to know all about your wedding decoration, theme and lighting as this will help him in planning the photographs. When the photographs are planned well, the end result is always worth the wait. The tip here is to have your photographer visit the wedding place few days before the function and explain him everything about the plan.

Apart from choosing the right photographer, informing your photographer about the things or events mentioned above is very necessary. When a photographer is well aware of the event in detail he/she will get an opportunity to showcase his talent in the best possible way and you will also get amazing wedding images which you can cherish all your life.


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