wedding photographerWeddings are ideally made to last a lifetime, and should be done once unless there is the renewal of vows.

As a wedding photographer, you need to ensure that you capture those special moments in the most artistic way possible.

To be able to reveal the emotions at the wedding in a photo is an art that not all people have.

Below are given some qualities  wedding photographers should at least have.


It is important that as a photographer, you are able to use your equipment very well. It is of more importance that you produce good quality images than that you go do wedding photography with equipment that you are not familiar with.

Yes, we live in a modern world where technological advancement is increasing at a rapid rate thus it is good to be in touch with the latest equipment.

This should not be a compromise to quality. Go to the wedding with equipment that you have had experience in using and are familiar with.


The personality of a wedding photographer is of great importance. You will be expected to spend most of the day with people from all walks of life and be able to relate to them joyously as this is an occasion meant for celebration.

As a wedding photographer, you must keep your temper in check, even if the environment may not be conducive to you.

Remember that this is not your day, but the couples’ day. Your view of this will determine the moments that you will capture, and averagely, happier photographers capture more happier moments than grumpy ones.


Unless you are new to the field, it is of importance for every wedding photographer to have a portfolio. This will showcase some of your best work and the better your portfolio, the better your chances of being hired for a job.

Show as many photography styles as you can in your portfolio, as different people have different tastes. Your portfolio will be a reference for your work and experience.


Not everything will go according to plan on the wedding day, or any event for that matter. It is therefore of great importance for you as a wedding photographer to be innovative and creative.

You need to have an eye for the landscape and lighting and be able to manipulate them to get the best possible images.


Every wedding photographer needs to have their average charges at hand. You can be asked by your potential client how much it will cost for the whole event, and you should be able to estimate with the information you will be given how much you will charge.

Your ability to give an estimate figure will show to some extent your experience in wedding photography. This should not be too high as your potential client will have other options as well.

However, know your worth and be able to show that your client will get their money’s worth.



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