You are excited as the day has been set for your nuptials. You are engaged to the one you love and now you would like the world to know that you are engaged. You would also like to take pictures to celebrate this coming together and want your photographs to remind you of the love for years to come. The best professional engagement photographs are taken of couples doing the things they love to do in everyday setting.

engagement photo shootHere are a few novel ideas to get you started.

  • You may like your engagement photographs to depict where you first met, and how your love went forward. Take pictures of the two of you together in the setting you first met. It could be the university, the beach, a friend’s place, the pub, a dance or the Halloween party. Just recreate the magic of that first moment by visiting the place it all began and click away.
  • Couples like to do things together. What is it you love doing? Is it cycling that you dig or cooking together? You may like to go on picnics or are happy going through the art galleries. Maybe you are a movie buff and you both catch up every show there is. Take pictures of the both of you in your favourite haunts. Go to the beach, click at the library and take pictures of both of you at the disco. Make your engagement photos come alive with the spirit of your love and the things you both love doing.
  • Both of you might have hobbies that you share. Or it could be that each of you has a separate hobby but both of you contribute to it in some way. Go ahead and depict these hobbies in your engagement pictures. Your hobbies could be cooking, bird watching or playing tennis. Your partner may be crazy about pool, beer or plain hanging out with friends. Click pictures with your fiancé depicting how you contribute to the other’s hobby and spend time together in spite of varied interests. However if you have common interests, then you could click pictures of yourselves doing those things you love doing together.
  • Another funky idea is to enact a scene from a movie or a play. You could be both interested in some story that you could enact in your pictures. Dress the part and capture the drama you both can create together.


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