Wedding photography is surely one of the most challenging photography experiences for any photographer and is a field where being spontaneous and creative is the key to getting good shots.

Even after several attempts at wedding photography, there are several mistakes which are commonly committed. The following are the 7 most common wedding photography mistakes to avoid:

wedding photography mistakes to avoidIncorrect Exposure

One of the most common mistakes that one makes while doing wedding photography is setting the exposure wrong.  The white dress of the bride and the black suit of the groom can throw the exposure off and hence you must be careful about cross checking the exposure at the wedding ceremony.

Forgetting to Shoot the Details

Another common mistake which you must avoid making at wedding photography session is to forget shooting the little details which truly capture the essence of the atmosphere and wedding. For example, capture the pictures of the wedding cake, the decorations, the flowers and the table arrangements.

Spoiling the Group Photos

A lot of photographers spoil the group photos as they make the mistake of not getting everyone close together or getting the composition wrong.  Make sure you arrange the people in height-wise order and try to get candid happy shots wherever possible.

Not Going for Candid Shots

Wedding photographers always make the common mistake of going only for tight framed shots rather than clicking candid frames. Candid photography is the most in-thing and you must try to capture the bride and groom in their natural and realistic moods during the ceremony. Clicking forced smiling shots can ruin the album and looks typical and boring.

Rushing Through the Shots

Wedding photography might need you to be on your toes at all times but you must avoid rushing through the shots as this can lead to sloppy photography and blurred pictures. Make sure you take time for each shot and focus on quality over quantity.

Not Paying Attention to Background

Remember that background is as important as foreground and you must pay enough attention to it as well.  The background must complement the subject and avoid clicking in a cluttered background.

Forgetting the Shot

As a professional photographer, you need to take care of covering all the shots. Remember to click the relatives of the bride and groom and also cover all the ceremonies of the event like ring ceremony, vows, bride’s entry etc.

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