wedding photographyWhen hired by someone to pictorially document a great milestone, measures should be taken to ensure that the job you have been entrusted with is carried out with great skill and precision.

Whether you are a professional photographer or just a family member, it is a very important role for which you have been chosen.

It is an honor and precautions should be taken to make sure you execute the given task properly.

The role of a wedding photographer is to mainly capture every priceless moment of the day. He should provide an accurate and crystal vision of what took place. Not only should the pictures be well taken they should also tell a story.

Not a single moment should go uncaptured and that means from the entrance to the exit and everything in between. Pre-wedding pictures of the venue and scenery should be taken before the guests arrive.

A photographer is only as good as his equipment. He should use top of the range equipment to help him do his job better and with good photography equipment comes better pictures and ultimately better picture quality.

As much as the photographer’s equipment can be state of the art, the photographer must have provision for back up equipment. This can come in the form of extras of:  battery packs, memory cards and related equipment.

The photographer should guard against carrying unnecessary baggage. As we have learnt from recent developments in technology, the more advanced is the smaller and more portable it is.

A photographer does not need heavy equipment and entangling wires to be hindering his performance, as this may lead to dire accidents.

He needs to be swift so as to be available when a heart wrenching moment is in progress. The photographer should realize that he is at work and not a guest at the wedding and thus he should be almost invisible. He should go about unnoticed and without disturbing the guests.

He should also realize that some guests will be disturbed by the flash for reasons best known to themselves, hence it is the photographer’s responsibility to judge whether a camera flash is necessary or not, to avoid temporarily blinding the guests or the bride and groom themselves.

The bride and groom are the main attraction at the wedding, and should be the recurring image in most if not all the photographs. These photographs will be utilized to tell future generations about this wonderful occasion.

Key people such as the parents and immediate family of both parties should be the second priority of the photographer.

Needless to say, state of the art equipment can never be able to compensate for the photographer’s natural aesthetics. The photographer should have a natural eye for balance, symmetry and all the makings of a good picture.

At the end of the day when the job is done and the confetti has settled, it is the role of the photographer to correctly label the footage so as to avoid mix up and confusion.



  1. Great article on wedding photography.Being a wedding photographer is a challenge. you’re responsible for capturing moments of one of the most
    important days of peoples lifes.


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