Any marrying couple wants to preserve the memories of their happy day and for this they can decide to hire a professional photographer, a videographer or perhaps. The question is, which do you want to hire or should you in fact have both?

Most people agree that a wedding photographer is a really good idea, a professional who knows how to capture the best angles, compositions and makes best use of the light.

The training, experience and the professional equipment of a professional photographer will certainly get you results worth framing – the sort you will cherish for the rest of your life.

As for a videographer, people do tend to be a little more ambivalent, while they would like the memories recorded, the vows, the music, what people said etc, the they don’t want unflattering angles and they also wonder how many times they may actually end up viewing the video,which may be long, and last for hours. Also there is the cost factor to consider.

To obviate these problems, you can ask a friend or relative to use a handy cam or home movie camera to record the important bits for you – getting yourself the memories and saving yourself the cost as well.



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