Wedding day has to be fun and memorable while also being classy and sophisticated. A lot of planning goes in each and every aspect of the wedding ceremony. One such important element is the wedding memorabilia, that is, the wedding photo- albums/ videos. These are the things that remind one of how good their wedding day was and the memorable time they spent with their loved ones. But capturing all of the candid moments perfectly can be a little tricky.

Worry not! The candid wedding photography tips listed here will surely guide you to make best wedding photography decisions.

candid wedding photography tips

1. Be Ready

You don’t know what happens and when. And since you want to capture all of the moments in their natural element, the trick is to always be ready. Be ready with your camera every moment of the day, keep all the lenses you may need handy so that you capture the best when opportunity presents itself.

2. No Flash

The indicator of letting the subject know that you are clicking them is giving the flash. As soon as you flash things go from naturally candid to poesy. So the best option is to kill the flash and make use of the natural light to fill in the moment being captured. There are exceptional occasions when you might need the flash, but try to minimize them.

3. Continuous Frames/ Multiple Frames

The best way of capturing spontaneity is being spontaneous and clicking many frames/ shots in one go. When you click too many frames in a go, you might be surprised by the candidness and the uniqueness of the images you get. There is magic in the burst of images capturing a single moment!

4. Let go of the Frame and the Pose Concerns

People look best in relaxed and natural postures, so don’t get hold up in the correct frame or the correct pose. These two concerns will kill the fun of the moment. So just click and don’t lose out on any good shots due to frame or pose.

5. Capture the Activeness of the Crowd

Images of passive participants who are sitting not doing much at the wedding will not make the album at all. So look out for people participating in the wedding drama and carrying on activities, for that is the best look captured. Missing out on the active moments will be a huge mistake. So carry on!


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