Planning for your big day? Thinking of how to look astonished on your wedding ceremony? Wedding makeup fulfills all your needs of looking graceful and beautiful.

What if suddenly a pimple has popped out just before your big day? What will you do if your eyes look stressful because of the hectic wedding plans? Do you want your look to be spoiled? No wedding couple loves this to happen to them, but they cannot even avoid these because these happen all of a sudden.

Wedding makeup

So, to overcome such unmanageable beauty problem you have a secret wand. The secret wand is wedding makeup, which covers the popped out pimple and makes you look fresh even after mush tiring schedules. Wedding makeup gives you a flawless look and makes you look like amazing.

If you do not have prior experience in makeup and its accessories, it’s better to hire a makeup artist who helps you to have flawless look. If you have planned cheap wedding, then hiring a makeup artist is costly.

So, you should know certain wedding makeup secrets for making yourself look like a model on your wedding day. By knowing the wedding makeup tips and tricks, you can yield great results.

Wedding makeup tricks to get an astonished look:

  • The first important thing in makeup is the foundation. When selecting the foundation cream, select in sunlight not in florescent lights. Choose a foundation that is near to your skin tone, selecting a wrong foundation will spoil the makeup and it may look like a patch work. If you want light makeup, then limit foundation to single strokes, but if you want darker shade of makeup, then prefer 2-3 strokes of foundation [Selecting the right foundation].
  • For dark circles removal, the easy way to cover them is to use an opposite color which is applied on to the eye lashes. If your eye lashes colors is gray, then use pink eye shadow under eye and then apply foundation on the dark circles.
  • Never puff the powder on the skin, only use brush to apply powder on the face. Using puff will make your skin lose shine quickly. Brushing the powder makes the powder last for a long time and makes your skin shine for a long time.
  • The next step is applying blush; first apply the blush on the cheeks and then drag the blush backwards blending towards temple. If the blush is too dark, then lighten up the blush by applying some powder on to the blush area.
  • Next step is making your lips look beautiful. There is a perfect process in applying lipstick. First fill the lip outline area with lip pencil, then your lip stick, blot powder and again the lipstick. Blot powder removes the excess wax in the lipstick that causes bleed. Then finally apply lip gloss for a shine on your lips.
  • Filling eyebrows with colors brings beautiful look to the eye area. When selecting shades, see that these shades are not too dark and the shade must match the hair colors. If you want false eye lashes, they are applied after the eye makeup is completed. If you are not applying false lashes, curl your lashes for a great look. See that you curl your lashes before applying mascara.


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