No female is ever satisfied with the kind of hair she has. Where on one hand women with thick hair find their hair difficult to manage, those with thin hair run out of ways to style them. Having thin hair doesn’t mean that you can’t get a hairstyle of your choice on your special wedding day.

There are numerous ways in which you can style your thin hair to make them look perfect on the most perfect day of your life.  With the right styling products and some tricks, you too can get a rather voluminous looking hairstyle. The following are some of the best wedding hairstyles for thin hair:

1. Voluminous updo

voluminous updo

For brides with thin hair, an updo is possibly the best option. To hide the fact that your hair is thin, you must go for a voluminous updo which looks chic and glamorous as well.  To create this, you will first need to shampoo and condition your hair with a voluminous shampoo and a suitable conditioner. Then you will need to apply voluminizing mousse on your hair while they are still a little damp.  Now use a paddle brush to blow dry your hair and then curl one inch section using a curling iron.  Now backcomb the area of the crown of the head and sweep hair loosely to create a low knot at the nape. Use bobby pins to secure the hairstyle.

2. Soft Knot

A soft knot will help to lend definition to the face of a bride. To create it, you will first need to apply some amount of hairspray on your hair and then tease your hair roots at the crown using a comb.  Now the next step is to gather all the hair and secure in a loose ponytail at the nape. Now wind the ponytail in the shape of a knot using U shaped pins.

3. Romantic Half updo

romantic half updo

To create this hairstyle, you will need to shampoo and condition your hair and then blow dry the hair straight using a blow dryer and a round brush.  Use a little bit of mousse now to add volume to your hair and then divide your hair into 2 equal sections so that you have a front section and a back one.  Use a rattail comb to tease hair of the front and pin it back. Now use a curling iron to curl the other section of the hair at the end.


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