A girl’s wedding day is one of the most special days of her life, but after all the preparation and the big day itself, we only have memories and photos to remind us of the event. This means we want to be able to cherish our wedding photos forever, so don’t ruin them with a make-up shocker!

Make-up looks different on camera, especially in flash photography, so work on your photo finish before the big day. When trialling different looks, take note of how they appear both in the mirror and on camera. This is particularly important when choosing the right colour foundation and face powder.

There are other make-up factors to consider as well so follow these top tips to ensure you look your best on your big day.

Prep your skin

While you’re busy organizing the guest list, seating plan, music and food, don’t forget to make time for your own bridal needs. Top of the list should be a regular skincare regime of cleansing, toning and exfoliation.

Follow this up with the best day cream to moisturize your skin throughout the day. In the evenings, be sure to apply the best night cream for your skin type as well. Getting your skin in top shape will ensure your make-up sits better on the day.   

Go light on the tan

All brides like a bit of colour on their wedding day but be careful not to lose the natural look. Avoid sunbathing – or sun bedding – yourself to a crisp and opt for a professional spray tan instead. Talk to the beautician and let her know what you want. A shade or two darker than your natural tone should be plenty. Just remember to exfoliate your skin first to avoid the patchy look.

Keep away from shadows

Most brides will admit to barely sleeping in the build-up to their wedding day, and while the adrenaline might get you through, there’s no hiding the bags under your eyes. Banish dark circles with the best under eye cream and use it regularly in the run-up to the wedding. On the big day, preface your foundation and face powder application with a light-reflecting concealer to minimise shadows.

Don’t be a blushing bride

With all the excitement of the day, you’re likely to have a natural rosy glow to your cheeks so go light on the blusher or bronzer. Aim for just a dab of colour rather than trying to define your cheekbones with it. Instead, prepare your skin in the lead up to your wedding day so your natural glow stands out.

Lighten the lippy

It’s tempting to glam it up when you’re the bride but think twice before reaching for your trusty red lippy. Natural is best when it comes to the big day so opt for a subtle colour instead. Prime your lips with a balm beforehand, use a liner, and blot and reapply throughout the day.



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