In case you aren’t a traditional person, why would your bridal hair accessories be traditional? There are numerous different accessories that are gorgeous without being too classic or too nonconformist.

Ribbons as hair accessories for brides

In case you like to wear headbands, why wouldn’t you wear one on your wedding as well? Naturally we are referring to a more special headband. This could be made of a simple white ribbon that comes with a floral rhodium motif on the side. You could consider it one of the cutest hair accessories for brides.

Bridal Hair AccessoriesFeathers

Usually when being a bride, women become something that they’re not. They take their veils and become traditional and serious. In case you would like to let people know about your playful side as well, opt for the feather bridal hair accessories.

As an example you could opt for peacock feathers that add some color to the wedding.


We have to admit that these aren’t the most traditional hair accessories for brides that you can think of, but you can be sure that they will spice your wedding attire up. The advantage is that this way you could combine feathers and flowers and still have a pulled-together look.


This one of the bridal hair accessories can be considered to be in the middle between headbands and feathers. No matter what you consider them to be, they are more than adorable. In order to add sophistication to your look, you should make sure that the bow is on the side.


We can consider flowers to be the most classic hair accessories for brides of them all. For this you might want to talk to your florist to find the perfect flower and also to your hairstylist to find the perfect hairstyle for the flower you have chosen.


In case you don’t want to give up the traditional bridal hair accessories but you would like to try something more modern, then you should consider wearing a blusher. This has everything that you want from a veil, with a more modern look.


These hair accessories for brides have been mentioned before, and they have a great advantage: they can be used either in case you have an updo or you are wearing your hair down.


Is there a bride that wouldn’t like to feel like a princess on her wedding day? Most probably, no. In case you are one of these brides, then for sure you would like to have a tiara on the most special day of your life. There are many different styles and designs that you could opt for.

Hair pins

In case you don’t want a lot of glitter, you just want some sparkles then you should consider those elegant little hair pins. They add sophistication to just any hairstyle and they will make your wedding updo glow.

As you can see, there are numerous bridal hair accessories that you could opt for; the most important thing is for you to like what you are wearing.



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