Bridal make up is ought to be flawless; not only because it’s your D day but also photographers will not miss a chance to capture the best shots of your beauty. The magicians who work behind the curtains to give you this ravishing look on the wedding day are the makeup artists. Choosing them therefore just cannot go casual and need to be very careful while you select the right person for the job.

This article will give you some important pointers to consider while hiring the right makeup artist for your wedding day.  If you do not choose a good makeup artist, it might turn out to be a nightmare. Often because your makeup artist might have gone too loud, or did not have a sense of proportion or was blindly copying a fashion trend without understanding. To make sure, you do not have such an experience, you should choose your makeup artist prudently.

tips to select a make up artist for your weddingHow to Select a Good Makeup Artist

Remember, it is always better to look for an experienced and professional makeup artist. Do not let your friend or relative experiment on you on your big day. For selecting a professional artist then, start with a bit of time on your hands.

  • The first thing that you need to do is a bit of research on makeup artists. Research all over the internet, speak to your close friends and family, especially those who have got married recently and looked nice on their wedding days.
  • While choosing a makeup artist, check out on their preferred makeup techniques, their signature styles, etc. once these match your ideas, and your style, you are ready to select. However, do not try to be too experimental just for the sake of it.
  • If you have selected a makeup artist, or shortlisted one or two, it might be a good idea for you to go through a trial run. Once you do this, you have a clear idea as to how you would look like on your wedding day. Make sure to have your wedding dress and accessories ready for the trial run, so that your makeup and styling does not clash with the attire you are wearing. Take a few snaps, and then decide.
  • After you have made a decision, do not procrastinate and book your makeup artist just immediately. Usually acclaimed and well-knowledged makeup artists will have a busy schedule, especially during the wedding seasons. Thus, start looking for the right hands for your D day make up quite early or you might not be able to book the right person. If everything matches, go ahead and do contract. And it is always good to have a written contract.

On the day of your wedding while you start the makeup session, make sure to check the products the artist is using, if you have a sensitive skin, best option would be to use a reputed brand that uses natural ingredients. Or else specifically ask the makeup artists to use a reputed original brand. Skin infections on your D day would be the last thing you would like to handle.


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