Many brides get confused when it comes to the moment to decide about their hairstyle for the big day. Thousands of magazines and even more websites present amazing hairstyles all elaborated and looking amazing so for sure all the brides get fixed about one or two of them.

Still, in spite of those pictures, tutorials and tips that may get the impressionthat the hairstyle is easy, this can be very far from the truth. If you are in a dilemma of how to wear your hair in the most important day of your life, lifting it up or wearing it down, adding flowers, ribbons or jewels to the veil can all be solved with a little help.

wedding hairstyle

Keep in mind when choosing the hairstyle, that it must fit the entire ensemble from dress to jewelry, especially if you want jewelry in your hair or on your veil. This way it will be much easier for you and your stylist to decide upon what hairdo will fit your outfit, your style and your personality.

The main purpose is to make your hairstyle last all through the wedding reception and in the same time not to make it look artificially. You can be outstanding and you may shine but you should not choose to shock.

If you want to shine on your wedding day do not choose a complicated hairstyle filled with jewels and accessories that will make you look like a doll. In the same time try to avoid a too simple hairstyle because you risk to ruin the festive air of the event.

To escape the dilemma you can always start with the basic bridal style: hair loop, tiara and veil, a style which never goes out of fashion no matter how formal or informal is the dress.

The classical touch presumes an upper hairdo with flowing curls with the veil attached under it. Of course the hair loop can be very elaborate with a lot of curls and waves or it can bear a more revolutionary touch using different decorations.

Very few brides choose to wear their hair down and a bridal hairstyle can look amazing with very few but smart accessories.

Small hair combs or clips, jewel flowers and small waves, a touch of glitter spray of gold or silver, may create the perfect touch for any bride’s hairstyle.

There are brides that choose not to wear a veil. A spectacular comb or white flowers from the same fabric as the dress will add perfection to the hairdo. For the more natural brides the artificial flowers can be replaced with natural ones.

Keep in mind that the hair and the veil must not be heavy or they will turn out to be a burden to carry around through the wedding day, and also remember that a comfortable bride is for sure a beautiful bride.



  1. Great information on wedding hairstyle.All of the information is so helpful and relevant.Right Hairstyle enhances the personality. Thanks for all the information..


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