Summer is undoubtedly considered as the beautiful time to get married but the scorching heat can make you and your guests feel uncomfortable. Since you would not like to have all your makeup washed away in sweat, it is very important that you stay cool and fresh. Given below are some cool tips that you can follow to keep fresh and cool till the summer wedding ceremony gets over.


  • Wear sunscreen: If you already know that you are going to spend most of your time being outdoors in a summer wedding, apply a moisturizer or a foundation that has sunscreen in it. Make sure to cover all the skin parts well with the sunscreen mixed foundation so that you manage to look fresh and sweat free.
  • Dress in lighter fabric cloths: Though weddings are all about dressing up in glitzy glamorous cloths, an important tip to look fresh and comfortable in the summer wedding is to choose lighter fabric cloths. Avoid wearing silk or other heavy material and go in for beautifully stitched liner or cotton cloths. This will help you avoid uneasy sweat conditions during the scorching hot weather.
  • Style your hair and tuck it: During the hot summer conditions, you will not want to have your sweaty hair sticking at the back of your neck. This indeed irritates the most during any ceremony or occasion. It is therefore advised that you style your hair either in a bun, braid and tie them completely so that you don’t look messy all day long.
  • Keep your makeup light and waterproof: Another important tip that should be kept in mind to stay cool and fresh during the hot summer weddings is to keep your makeup light. It is advised to use oil-free makeup because an oily base will sweat. Using an oil free foundation and moisturizer will help your skin remain hydrated for longer hours and will make you fell fresh and confortable. Do not use compact powder because it will make your skin look uneven and dry.
  • Use cold compresses: When you have organized your wedding during the summer weather, always provide cold compresses to your guests and keep some with yourself too. You can gently press the cold compresses on your neck whenever you feel overheated or exhausted. Wet tissues can also be used by gents to stay fresh and cool.


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