The award ceremonies usually bring out the A-list in their masses.  The A-list celebrities of course come dressed in an assortment of A-list styles, from make-up trends and over the top gowns to the latest show stopping shoes and red carpet worthy hairstyles.

The red carpet is certainly a great place to look if you wish to invest in a little style inspiration. One look that really caught our attention this season was Kate Winslet’s modern French roll.  This is a great look for a smart evening do and it adds a certain element of romance to any attire.

GHD Straighteners

This modern take on the old classic works just as well on straight hair as it does on curly styles.  Whether you choose to go for a curly or a straight style you can easily achieve this with a ghd straightener. This amazing tool can both straighten and curl & wave your hair. Are you looking for ghd straighteners? Head over to the ghd website, or your local ghd approved salon.

Begin by pulling your locks into a low ponytail.  Instead of securing the ponytail at the nape of your neck, twist and roll your hair up towards the crown of your head.  Pin the hair into place as you go.

When you get to the crown section, tuck any loose strands into the top roll.  These loose ends can be secured with pins as you go.

If your hair is straight, create a flirty, wispy roll by pulling out the loose strands.

Finish the look with a light mist of firm hold shine spray.  This will allow the new style to stay up and in place as long as you do.

For a more sophisticated style, add a sweeping side fringe to the ensemble.  Pull out a section of hair prior to beginning the roll action and create a sleek side-sweeping fringe.

Split your fringe into small sections and run over each section with a pair of ghd hair straighteners.  Use a twisting action when you reach the ends of the hair in order to style it into place.

A hairspray that provides both hold and shine will give your side-sweeping fringe a glossy and glamorous look.



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