Now that you have the all important wedding dress sorted, you have the hair to think of. What will suit the dress? What will suit your face? Do you want it up or down, should you braid it or pleat it, how will you have it done, and who will do it for you; a myriad questions are likely to be floating about.

wedding updoNow whether you want your hair up or down is entirely your choice but consider the reasons why an updo or braids or a pleat can make a lot of sense.

Practically speaking – Quite simply an updo is cooler and simpler, and is easier to manage; think of this in particular if you will be having a summer wedding. You know that you don’t have to primp or rearrange your hair for the photos and the reception, so long as your chignon or braid or pleat is secure.

It is more elegant – An updo can make you look more elegant, sleek, and put together, altogether a more formal look will emerge with the right updo.

And this is one day that you want to look as elegant and well put together as you can be. Particularly if on other days you prefer the casual windblown look, the difference will wow them all.

It can bring attention to your best features – A long swan like neck, delicate high cheekbones, prominent collar bones and toned shoulders can all get a bit obscured by leaving hair down. If you want to show these off to best advantage, it is best to have the hair up, to really draw attention to the face and the eyes and so on.

An updo can flatter your dress – An ornate neckline or a pretty edge or lace at the neckline, can all be better displayed if you decide to wear your hair up. The right updo can really flatter the neckline of the dress.

It is easier to accessorize – If you plan to wear flowers in your hair, a tiara or a wreath of some sort, or a circlet of flowers, it is far easier to do this if you wear your hair up. Also accessories such as a diamond hair pin, or other hair accessory will show up to best advantage with your hair up. A veil or the train may also be easier to affix if the hair is up and secure.

Consider all of these and then take the decision based on what you feel is the best choice and which you feel will look the best!



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