wedding hairstyleYour hairdo usually determines your overall look. You may wear the perfect outfit, but a bad hairdo may just ruin it all.

A not-so-good outfit may be hidden when you have the perfect hairdo and it also enhances your looks as well.

For long hair an updo will be best. You can spice it up by braiding or twisting it.

Your hair must compliment the texture of your dress and if the dress is not white then your hair color must compliment that color of the dress. A smooth gown of heavy fabric will be best suited with a long glossy hair style of knots or rolls.

Let your stylist know which dress you plan to wear so that they can decide which wedding hairstyle is best suited for it. Wear the hairstyle you plan to have on your wedding day to test its endurance and how comfortable it is.

Loose styles are best for informal weddings whilst updos are perfect for evening formal weddings.

For those who like to have their hair down, it would be too casual for your wedding. Rather wear it out of your face and leave the rest to cascade on your shoulders and a few tendrils to fall on the sides of your face. They can be curled into ringlets or left straight.

Hair styles are very important as they could add height or even soften hard features, so decide well on what best suits you.

For people with medium length hair, a headband or a wedding tiara would be great to jazz it up a bit. Tuck some of your hair behind your ears to leave your face exposed for great pictures.

Try a number of hairstyles with your stylist, well before time to adequately prepare for your wedding day.

Hair color looks best in its first two weeks so color it a fortnight before your wedding. You cannot leave room for surprises so rather you abstain from chemical treatments on the actual day of your wedding. For your hair style to hold, do not wash your hair on the day of your wedding.

Not only should your dress match your hairstyle, your hairstyle must be evenly matched with your wedding veil of choice. Choose what will suit you best between the three and let everything be altered to suit that.

Time is vital when in search of what goes with what, so do all of this well before time. If the hairstyle is most important to you then have your stylist put it on you on the day you go shopping for your veil and the headpiece will be fitted right then correctly.



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