If you are soon going to get married and are making the needed preparations these days, then one thing that you may need to decide upon is the bridal makeup. While some like to go for heavy makeup on their bridal day, others opt for minimal or no bridal make up. It is a fact that brides with little make up look the prettiest. If you are confused between the two, then you can read the following points of importance regarding minimal bridal make up.

importance of minimal bridal make up

Makes you Look Natural

Where on one hand, heavy bridal make up may take away your natural beauty and may hide the natural glow on your face, minimal make up makes you look natural and subtle.  With little make up on your face, your real features can be highlighted and this looks more acceptable to others around you too.

Heavy Makeup is not Camera Friendly

On the day of your wedding, all the focus will be on you. This is the day when you will be shot through both videographers and photographers. Heavy makeup usually doesn’t look good on camera and may expose the makeup lines. The pictures and videos also don’t turn out to be very good. Hence it is a good idea to keep it minimal.

Heavy Makeup makes your Face Look Heavy

Heavy layers of makeup can actually add a lot of weight and age to your face. On the day of wedding, most people want to look their slimmest best and by doing too much make up, you may just be doing the opposite. It is better to keep it light and minimal so as to make your features stand out and to look slim.

Minimal Make Up Takes Less Time to Apply

Another point of importance of minimal bridal make up is that it takes less time to apply. The day of the wedding is usually very busy and you may not have as much time as you like to get ready. In such a scenario, going for heavy makeup may not be the best of ideas. Thus go for minimal make up to hurry things up and have ample time to reach the venue.

Your Husband will Prefer Less Make Up

It is a fact that most guys do not like heavy makeup. Minimal make up will hence be loved by your husband as well.


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