Wedding HairstylesSelecting perfect wedding hairstyles are one of the most worried tasks while planning for wedding.

Everyone tries to look their best on the wedding day.

Especially brides need to pick the best wedding hairstyles as she is the center of attraction on that special day.

As it is the most important day of her life, it needs a perfect plan in every aspect.

The wedding hairstyles not only match with your personality, but also match with your dress, veil, wedding shoes, wedding colors, and the last thing is the ambience of the wedding.

There are many wedding hairstyles for medium and long hair that match with each and every bride. Everyone finds his/her own hairstyle on that special occasion.

How to choose the wedding hairstyles?

Don’t lose your personal identity when selecting the wedding hairstyle. Most of the women simply choose the updo hairstyle. Don’t simply decide on everything. Make sure that which wedding hairstyle is perfectly suitable for you.

Think on what you like best: flowing or big, up or down, dark or light. Consider the wedding hairstyles in which you feel more comfortable. Take advice from specialist regarding what type of wedding hairstyles best suits you and your personality.

One more factor while considering wedding hairstyles is your hair type, your wedding dress, the type of wedding veil you are going to wear, your jewelry and how your better half will be wearing their hair.

If your gown has very low cut neckline with exposed shoulders and chest bared, then you can choose long hairstyles and flowing curvy wedding hairstyles.

If your gown has high neck then you can opt for updo wedding hairstyles. These are perfectly suitable for everyone with high neck dresses.

If you want a more glamorous hairstyle, then put on your hair in a topknot. This can be a wonderful choice. Actually this wedding hair style frames your features and will definitely draw attention to the facial appearances such as your lips or eyes.

Here are some ways to make the wedding hairstyles more attractive:

For medium length hair:

Slightly curl the ends of the hair; it gives complementary style with the veil. For the medium length the modern wedding hair styles include: uplift, tight curls, spring curls, childlike empress, and angle style.

For shorter and medium length hair there are many hairstyles. For short hair, delicate curls can frame your face. You can also use stylish bobby pins to secure your new wedding hairstyle in place.

Wedding hairstyles for long hair:

Those who have long hair can be styled in different ways like from formal to more casual. You will find many options like long layered cut, an elegant bun, classic swept updo, and the French twist.

Classic swept updo is the stunning among the various wedding styles and is suitable for any face. Also it complements with any type of the wedding dress. Especially it looks stunning for the long flowing dresses. Updos are always fashionable and they are the real head-turners.

Most of the women prefer these types of wedding hairstyles as they provide an exclusive look that no one attending the wedding can outshine.



  1. As there are so many wedding hairstyles it can be really hard to choose the right one for me.Those tips can help me to choose the perfect hairstyle for my big day.


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