Your wedding day is one of the most important of your life, and such a seminal occasion demands that you look at your absolute best. While your choice of dress, make-up and accessories are also crucial in creating your desired appearance, however, it is arguably your hair style that will help to elevate a look to new and previously unobtainable heights. With celebrity figures such a key influence in modern wedding style trends, a quick glance to the red carpet may be all you need to identify the ideal look for your special day.

5 Celebrity Inspired Wedding Hair Styles

With this in mind, here are 5 celebrity inspired hair styles for your 2013 wedding: –

Emma Stone’s Wavy Chignon: One of Hollywood’s hottest stars after her role in The Amazing Spider Man, Emma Stone’s wavy, side swept chignon has become an extremely popular style in 2013. Both timeless and modern in equal measure, it is suitable with almost any neckline and ideal for the sun-kissed summer bride.

Wedding hair style

Mila Kunis’s Slick Chignon: On a similar note, actress Mila Kunis has also rocked the chignon look on the red carpet recently. Softening her otherwise slick, side parted hairstyle with a low chignon, she created a breathtakingly elegant style that would suit a classic British wedding.

Beyonce’s Soft Curls: Not content with being one of the worlds biggest starts, Beyonce is also a leading light when it comes to trends and style. Her set of soft curls make for the ideal wedding hair style, especially if you are wearing a classic wedding gown with a simple, elegant neckline.

Jessica Chastain’s Nod to Classic Hollywood: For those with a love of glamour and nostalgia, Jessica Chastain’s classic Hollywood hairstyle may be ideal for your upcoming wedding. Featuring Veronica Lake inspired curls and incredible volume, Jessica wowed audiences at the Cannes Festival and inspired thousands of brides in the process.

Milla Jovovich’s Side-Swept Bob: As a fashion model and accomplished actress, it stands to reason that Milla Jovovich should know how to look good. Known for her retro-look, her chin length, side-swept bob is a timeless hairstyle that can add a sense of sophistication to any wedding day look.

The Last Word

While picking a celebrity inspired hair style for your wedding may be incredibly fun, achieving this look can be a challenge. Whether you employ the services of a stylist or attempt to create your own interpretation of Hollywood glamour, remember that the use of professional electrical styling tools will play a critical role in bringing your vision into reality.



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