wedding hairstyleIt is your wedding day and basically what you say goes but this doesn’t give you the right to go overboard.

Don’t think about the here and now. Think twenty years from now, when you are looking at your wedding photos and you are thinking, ”What was I trying to do?”.

This will discourage you from looking at your wedding photos and even showing them off to other people. Rather save yourself the embarrassment and opt for very little ‘creativity’.

Shaving all your hair off is one of the things that you should definitely avoid. Firstly, your wedding is only one day and for the next few months after that you will be suffering from a bald head before extensions can rescue you.

Not all of us are Britney Spears and she only did that after her wedding and its honeymoon and the divorce.

The basic principle with any hairstyle you choose is to try and avoid dramatization. If you change drastically, your mate will forget why he fell in love with you then its bye-bye-birdie right at the altar.

Change as little as possible and do it well in time before the wedding so that you have room for corrections.

Some hairstyles can make or break how you look. This is proven by fringes, they are used to hide or soften hard foreheads. The point here is that you should choose your hairstyle carefully.

Speak to your stylist and hear what she recommends. If you don’t like what she says just negotiate until you find a compromise.

It is best to have hairstyles that will reflect your wedding theme, for example if its an Egyptian themed, the bride may have Cleopatra’s famous fringe and flowing hair and lets face it, the groom can do whatever he likes but a Mohawk will be pushing it just a bit. No in fact you are pushing it a whole lot.

When choosing a hairstyle, try and find something that is durable. Wedding photos will be taken continuously throughout the day.

A durable hairstyle will look as fabulous in the evening as it was in the morning. Also get something that is of low maintenance. This will save you time on going to the bathroom to freshen up.

People underestimate the potential of chemicals. Too much hair gel or hairspray will turn you into a shoe-shine cat.



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