shopping tipsWeddings tend to be very expensive right from the bride’s gown to the venue and the décor.

The transportation, videographer and caterers are also part of the list of expenses.

Despite all these expenses, a perfect wedding can be achieved through tireless planning. A strict list should be kept to avoid buying unnecessary items.

The bride’s dress is a number one priority when shopping for the wedding and usually the more appealing the dress the more expensive it tends to be. So when picking out a dress, try and find a dress similar to the one you can’t afford by comparing prices across boutiques.

Should you fail to find a similar dress, rather get one tailor made for you by an experienced tailor who specializes in wedding dresses. Buy the material and trimmings needed by your tailor.

This will be much cheaper than buying the original wedding dress. Make sure the dress is made in good time should alterations be necessary. You get to look so beautiful on your wedding day in your dream dress without the extra cost.

When buying a wedding gift, it is imperative to take into consideration the newly weds’ preferences. When you have established their tastes, try and find something they might find useful. Find something durable.

This will ensure it lasts longer, as it will be of sentimental value. The wedding gift should be necessary yet practical. If a theme has been provided, please adhere to it. Wrapping is not necessary, but it would be thoughtful to do so.

When planning a wedding, there are many things to be done. It is vital to hire a professional. An experienced wedding planner can create the perfect day with any budget.

They will know where to find the best bargains and discounts. They know what is necessary and what is not. They have the capability to create a wide range of weddings, from lavish to modest. Not only will they save you money but they will save you time.  They will also offer you reasonable alternatives.

When shopping for weddings, be sure not to buy things that you can hire. For example chairs, transport or even décor. Hotels and lodges tend to be quite expensive venues, whereas churches and community halls are more affordable and equally spacious.

Tents are also an option for an outdoor wedding. Wedding décor can be hired, from drapes to seat covers, thus, no need to buy them. Artificial flowers can also be hired, without incurring the extra cost of hiring fresh flowers.

For catering purposes, it is more economic to hire professionals. They usually provide cutlery and crockery, so there will be no need to buy it. They will offer you a wide range of menus to best suit your budget.

They will also know the correct quantities of foodstuffs necessary to avoid over or under buying. Because they buy in bulk and they are regular customers, they will be offered discounts, thus saving you money.



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