Want to look fabulous for the most important day in your life? Make up is very important to look beautiful along with the dress, hairstyle, and some other accessories. In every bride’s life, wedding day is the most-awaited day and looking like a fairy queen is the dream of the most brides. This can be achieved by the perfect bridal make up.

Don’t try to look too different than your usual way. Try to look natural just with the touch of additional glamour and bridal make up that is intended to stay all through the evening. Planning for the wedding day should include the search of hairstyles and bridal make up tips.

The most important thing while looking for bridal make up is trying to look like yourself, but emphasize the special features of your face. This is not the time to experiment with new looks. The bridal makeup should be in a way that enhances your look but not hide it.

Here are some bridal make up tips that enhance your look:

  • If you want to do facial, it is best to do at least two weeks before your wedding.
  • One of the most important bridal makeup tips is to stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water to look fresh. Drinking lots of water help to wash out the impurities from the skin.
  • Shape your eyebrows at least 5-7 days before the wedding. Don’t pluck on the wedding day, because it is very difficult to cover the unattractive red bumps.
  • Consider every aspect of your facial features. Your eyes are the windows of your soul, so follow few eye makeup tips to enhance your eyes. Search online for bridal makeup tips. Online you will find many bridal magazines or ask a beauty adviser.
  • Your eyes will look wider if you curl your lashes and use dark color mascara to appear further natural. If you like to include extra dramatic effect, lining your lower lashes will be effective.
  • By searching online, you will not only get the tips for your eye makeup, but also help you to look like a film star.
  • Hair care is also an important aspect of the bridal makeup. This needs particular consideration in accordance to the special hairstyles that you need to select in advance.
  • The bridal make up tip for your hair care is selecting the hairstyle based on the wedding dress. Make sure that you try various hairstyles before you are going to settle with one of them.
  • There is only a simple concept associated with bridal makeup – less is more. Everybody will be staring at you on your wedding day, so don’t try to be artificial.
  • On your wedding day, use high-pigmented foundation and then cover it with powder foundation to appear the skin smooth. Choose cosmetics that are long-lasting as they can be easily blended and have high pigmentation level for your wedding day.
  • Use cosmetic colors that should complement your wedding outfit.
  • If your wedding is in summer, it is better to spray your face with a sealer after applying the bridal make up so that the make up will last for several hours.
  • The color of your eyebrows should match with your hair color.

Whatever the type of cosmetics you choose, make sure that you look natural. The above bridal make up tips can enhance your facial appearance.



  1. Makeup is the most helpful tool that makes bride look most gorgeous woman on wedding day.Those tips really help bride to look great. Thanks for sharing them.

  2. This really helped me to improve my make up. People are always complimenting it. I did’t really know how to create a good make up before reading this article.


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