Planning a wedding is a meticulous job where the smallest details need plenty of attention. One of the most important items on the to-do list is the bride’s look on the wedding day and bridal hair flowers are naturally part of the process to make the look shine.

Besides the wedding dress and the bouquet, her hairstyle and hair adornments are important details to be taken care of. It is essential to choose the perfect bridal hair flowers that add to the bride’s perfect looks.

Bridal Hair FlowersThe first step would be to choose the bride’s hairstyle. Would she like her hair pinned neatly into a fashionable knot or let her hair loose in waves? It is easier and better to choose bridal hair flowers after the hairstyle has been chosen.

The flowers in a bride’s hair will need to compliment her wedding dress and her bridal bouquet.

The hairstyle will decide the kind of flower(s) required. If the bride has chosen a free flowing hairstyle, one or two large flowers will look perfect, but if she is wearing a braid or knot, she can opt for a corsage of flowers or even tiny buds spread across the hairstyle.

The bridal flowers for hairstyle can be complimented with beaded nets, feathers and tulle creations too.

The bride needs to decide if she will need fresh flowers or would prefer artificial flowers. Artificial bridal flowers are a good option for someone on a budget or for someone who is managing the show alone. They look as good as the real ones. Fresh bridal flowers for hairstyle will need to be bought the same morning or maybe the previous evening. If bought before the wedding day, the bride should make enquiries to find the best way to keep the bridal hair flowers fresh. The florist may also be consulted before choosing fresh flowers. They will be able to advise appropriately.

The bridal hair flowers need to compliment the hairstyle, the wedding gown, the wedding bouquet and even the color theme of the wedding. The flowers may be of colors different from the actually color theme but will need to blend in to create the perfect picture. A wedding using very light colors could allow the bride to opt for slightly brighter flowers to bring in a dash of color.

When using fresh bridal hair flowers you need to be sure that they will not cause any kind of irritation or allergic reaction. Next check for the length of their stalks and verify exactly how they will be integrated into your hairstyle. Some flowers for the bridal hair can be directly pinned into the hair and some may need barrettes or combs. The bride and her stylist could benefit with a dry run using artificial flowers to ensure nothing goes wrong on the wedding day. The bridesmaids may wear smaller versions of the flowers to create a style statement.

Artificial bridal hair flowers come in a wide range of fabrics including silk, velvet, tulle or organza. This type of bridal hair flowers are easier to manage and can be easily reused for a later occasion too. They do not wilt so they need no special care to be preserved.

Irrespective of whether the bride prefers fresh or artificial flowers they will need to compliment her complete look and the wedding theme.



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