As you are gearing up for the big day, your time and attention will be divided between a million different tasks to make your wedding go off as smooth as possible. Hopefully, as the date draws nearer, you will have set everything into place and are able to keep your stress levels to a minimum. However, when it comes time to actually get your hair done for the ceremony, you will need to remain calm.

For many women, the few hours before the wedding ceremony is the calm between storms and not having detailed hair plans already in place could mean that last minute preparations drive a woman’s stress level through the roof as she tries to make changes to her hair.

wedding hairstyles

With this in mind, a woman will need to be sure about her desired hairstyle in advance and have a scheduled appointment with a stylist that already understands the exact look the bride-to-be is going for. A couple of simple tips will ensure that the woman ends up with exactly what she wants.

Advance planning is the single most important step in the wedding hair process. Deciding on a style is one thing, but more important is communicating that style to the hairdresser that will actually work on the hair. About three weeks before the big event, a visit should be made to the hairdresser to talk about possible options for the wedding hairstyle, including a discussion of any tiaras, veils, or flowers that could be worn during the ceremony.

To properly communicate the style, the bride should bring pictures from multiple angles if at all possible. Once the bride is convinced that the hairdresser understands the vision for the style, the next step is to schedule an appointment for one week before the wedding.

wedding hairstyles

Like a dress rehearsal for a big production, this second appointment will be a dry run for the big event. The wedding hairstyle will be completed in its entirety so both the bride and the hairdresser can identify any potential problems with the style or areas that need to be changed.

This hair rehearsal will also give the bride a first hand chance to see what she will look like on her wedding day and decide if it meets her wishes. If she is not satisfied, this will be the last chance to come up with a new style for the ceremony.

While this dry run will certainly add more expense to the cost of the wedding, the money spent is well worth the peace of mind that will be gained from the experience of knowing exactly how the hair will look.

If everything has been done correctly, the final hair appointment before the ceremony should be painless and can be a time when the bride relaxes instead of worrying about her hair. She will know what to expect, the hairdresser will know how to deliver the look, and the groom will appreciate the beauty of his new wife as she walks down the aisle.

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