1. Ribbon And Broche

These two are girl’s best friends, especially when it comes to classy weddings. Choose them, instead of choosing some large jewels or necklines.

wedding hairstyles 1

The broche on your ribbon headband replaces entirely the need of neckline, for it grabs the attention and creates a lovely chick hairstyle for all kind of haircuts.

2. Flower Power Free Spirit Locks And Head Band

In case you are choosing breezy wedding dresses and you are wondering what kind of hairstyle to choose, don’t go for anything but flowers in your hair. Inspired by the hippie look, the flower details and the headbands are the perfect accessory for out of the box weddings.

wedding hairstyles 2

3. 50s Style Updo With Jewel Detail

The 50s are back on the fashion scene, even when it comes to wedding hairstyles. Choose an updo, but combine it with jewel details. It can be a tiara or special jewels, placed as a spectacular pin on your updo.

wedding hairstyles 3

4. Bird Cage Veil And Ribbon

The bird cage veil is now in the trend, for they are stylish and provocative. Therefore, choose bird cage veil and ribbon, but make sure this combination matches well your wedding gown. Usually these accessories are appropriate for women with short haircuts.

wedding hairstyles 4

5. Careless Romantic, Messy And Flowers

The large flower pins and hair accessories are classy items for any event, especially for the wedding. In case your hair is curly, this one is the perfect wedding hairstyle for you. Just add a large flower and place it behind your ear. This will create an extremely romantic appeal.

wedding hairstyles 5

6. Spectacular Veil Flower And One Side Locks Updo

The updo is back as an official hairstyle for memorable events. This one side wedding updo is trendy, especially if you choose a veil flower in your hair.

wedding hairstyles 6

The hairstyle is simple, but if you add the veil, you will be extravagant and spectacular. Moreover, this hairstyle goes perfect for all kind of hairs but compliment the fringe haircut.

7. Cinderella Look With Sparkling Pins

The fairytale look of Cinderella is now fashionable and easy to achieve. All you need is sparkling pins with crystals. These are one of the most beautiful accessories for easy to do hairstyles.

wedding hairstyles 7

8. Classic, Simple And Delicate Headband And Veil

In case you don’t want to go for lavish hairstyle, go for classic look, but beautify it with delicate headband and veil. This wedding hairstyle is very proper for girls with mid length hair, especially if the veil is mid length.

wedding hairstyles 8

9. Renaissance Beads Tiara

The renaissance beads tiara is very appropriate for brides with simple wedding gowns. This type of tiara is one of the preferable wedding accessories not only because it adds some noble look to your appeal, but because it looks like a lavish hairstyle ornament on all kind of haircuts.

wedding hairstyles 9



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