Planning for Wedding is exciting and also stressful for you and as a bride it is very important for you to think about your beauty.

You might have found perfect wedding dress, selected amazing flower arrangements and decided perfect hairstyle.

But, makeup is the most helpful tool that makes you look most gorgeous woman on your wedding day.

Before you apply makeup, it is very important for you to choose appropriate makeup that makes you look best.

Here are few makeup tips for you, which can possibly help you to decide the perfect look for your wedding.

1. Keep your makeup light, fresh and clean!

Wedding is not the occasion for you to wear bold or dark colors. So, it is always suggested to choose light shades.

Be sure that your wedding makeup matches with your dress and accessories. Ensure that your makeup artist is having better knowledge about your wedding theme and choose products that will make you look fresh and clean.

2. Avoid lackluster lips!

If you don’t have habit of wearing lip stain or more intense lip color, be sure that your lips look beautiful without adding color to it. Although, natural look seems like good way to go, there is risk of looking jaded lips in your wedding pics. So, to avoid this, wear a natural shiner or natural lip colors to look beautiful.

3. Prefer waterproof makeup products!

As your wedding makeup should stay all day, it is always good to choose waterproof makeup products. This can help you to prevent smearing of makeup on your face and keeps you fresh throughout the day.

4. Don’t overdo eyes!

It may be tempting to overdo eyes, but it is very crucial for you to keep your eye makeup as simple as possible. Heavy or dark colored eye shadows should be essentially avoided in wedding makeup. A sparring amount of eyeliner for your eyes is just enough to define your beautiful eyes. Go for powder eyeliner instead of pencil or liquid eye liner.

5. Choose products that suits to your skin tone!

As already mentioned, it is very essential for you to choose makeup that matches with your skin tone. If you are having Asian type of skin tone, go for more russet or brown shades of pink. For black skin, a touch of brown or burgundy can give flawless look. If you have fair skin tone, light shades of pink will make you look gorgeous.

Follow these simple tips and hire an experienced, professional makeup artist to look gorgeous on your wedding day.



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