Updos are very popular trend for your weddings. Usually, brides pay unique interest to their hairstyle, often selecting more formal approach that they have ever tried and opting to go for a traditional and elegant updo.

Here is the information that can help you make right choice when it comes to bridal updos. If you have short hair, then don’t get depressed. Planning ahead and using extensions can greatly help for updo on your wedding day.

bridal updosThe bridal updo you choose will be affected by various factors such as your dress style, your choice of hair decorations, length of the hair, and hair texture.

Here are 10 styles of bridal updos for that special day of your life:

1. The bun: This style is also called as chignon, in which your hair is wound up in a compressed knot and secured so that none of the strands escape or stick out. This style looks simple and elegant in either tied low on your neck or high on the tiara.

2. The braided bun: In this style, your hair will be braided in one or several strands and then wound into a bun. This style adds more touch to the traditional bun style.

3. The curly bun: This style suits very well to the layered hair. You can use a traditional bun and again use some baggy strands to wind around the bun thus giving a very soft look.

4. The French twist: This is a sleek and elegant hairstyle, in which your hair is dragged to the back where it is pinned towards one side down the middle and the opposite side is twisted under itself. It shapes a curling edge of the hair directly down the backside of your head whereas the sides are sleek against your head.

5. French twist with a tail: In this style, first create a ponytail that frames your face. Then hold the ponytail tight with your hands and start twisting. Fold the end of your ponytail down and slowly roll the wadded-up ponytail to your left side.

6. French twist with a tiara: It is very classy and elegant, in which French twist is winded high on head top to highlight the tiara.

7. The sleek half up do: In this updo style, the front portion of the hair is pulled up and pinned while leaving the back straight and sleek.

8. The curly half up do: Front portion of your hair is pulled up and pinned, but the back is left hanging in curls.

9. The beehive: It is also called as high updo. It is attractive self illuminating and resembles a beehive.

10. Ponytail: It is one of the simplest bridal updos. It has different forms and variations such as back, side, up high, down low, teased and braided. You will have various choices for this style.



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