Wedding Invites!

Planning a wedding is always an exciting yet sometimes complicated process. There are many people who decide to go all out for their wedding, especially because they want to have a big wedding with tons of guests. However, there are also people who prefer smaller and more intimate weddings, which is also ideal. If you have been thinking about a smaller wedding, you should know about some of the main benefits associated with smaller weddings.

Save Time and Money on Wedding Invitations

The cost of invitations, especially when they are being custom made, will often cost a bit of money. Of course, these invitations are a necessity. Most brides-to-be even enjoy personalizing their own wedding cards & stationery, which can cost equally as much because of all the supplies and embellishments that may be added to the invitations. wedding-invitation

You can easily save money and your own time because you will not need nearly as many invitations for a small wedding as you would need for a larger wedding. You will also save money on postage stamps because there will be less people receiving the invitations.

Less Money Spent on Catering

The cost of catering a wedding can burn a hole in just about anyone’s pockets. However, if you are having a smaller wedding with just a few guests, you do not have to worry about having tons of food available. In fact, the smaller the wedding, the less food you will need.

When you have tons of people coming to your wedding, you have a mixture of preference which also means trying to cater to each guest by offering some sort of dish that they will eat. When you have fewer guests, it will be easier for you please everyone’s taste buds without breaking the bank.

More Attention on You

If it is your wedding, you deserve the spotlight. While most brides receive the spotlight, even in a big wedding, it is simply easier for you to receive all the attention you could want and need for your special day when you have fewer guests at your wedding. Instead of having people all over the place and children running around, your small wedding will feel more personal and you will surely be the star of the show.

A small wedding is a good idea if you would like to save money and have a more personal wedding. You will still be able to share the special and memorable day with your close family and friends without the stress of catering to hundreds of guests.



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