wedding guestGetting people who wish to attend your wedding ceremony is one of the most essential parts of wedding preparation.

You have to apply your imagination to get people interested in attending your wedding.

By just looking at your wedding invitation, people have to have an idea of what the theme of your wedding is. This means if you are having a beach wedding ceremony for example, people should be knowledgeable to that fact and give an idea of what to wear.

A wedding invitation also helps control the amount of company you are expecting if you are going to limit the number of guests to your wedding.

Reflect on the theme of your wedding before you have your wedding invitations prepared and make them to compliment the theme of your ceremony.

The colors you select for your wedding invitation have to go with those that you are going to bring into play on wedding day. These can be the color of bridesmaids’ dresses or any accessories that you are going to adding.

If you are one of those modern people who are really not into the conventional wedding invitations, there are so many exciting and creative ways to invite people to your wedding.

A message in a bottle as an invitation to a beach wedding ceremony is a romantic and creative way to motivate people to come and celebrate your special day.

You can have these hand delivered to your friends and family. It will definitely create interest among your guests and have them want to find out what’s in store for them.

A scroll is also another brilliant way of inviting guests to your wedding. Have miniature scrolls made with the specifics of your wedding in them and have them hand delivered to your friends.

This is particularly great for a formal wedding ceremony. You can add a bit of your own personal touch to it like your preferred scent or paste dried rose petals on them.

A CD or DVD with a face of you and your partner is also a great idea. Inside you may insert a program of the ceremony and songs specially picked for you and your partner to represent your life together.

With a DVD you can also add pictures of the two of you from your childhood up to date. This is an invitation that your friends can keep and remember you by.

If you can not produce an invitation from scratch by yourself get the already made ones from the shop and improve it. You can do this just tying a strip of ribbon around the envelopes of each invitation.

If you have bought foldout invitations, buy wax in the same color or one that complements your invitations and melt the wax to seal the invitations.



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