In case you haven’t decided yet about your wedding invitations, you surely have plenty of choices. But if you really want something personal, create your own invitations. The ‘Do it yourself’ (DIY) invitations aren’t just cheap invitations for weddings on a budget. They are also an impressive and creative way to add some personal accents to the way you invite your guests.

wedding invitations

The DIY invitations can be hand written, but you should consider creating them at least 2-3 months before the event, because this takes time. Of course, there is nothing better than a handwritten invitation with beautiful luxurious ink, but it is quite a lot of work, so you will have to call up for some help from your best friends.

Choose some nice paper and ink according to the color of the invitation. As for the main color, make sure it matches the color of your wedding theme.

Handwritten invitations

If the handwritten invitations seem too much for you, then go for personalized wedding stamps for your invitations.

personal wedding invitation

The idea is simple: through a personal stamp on the invitations you are adding items that matter for you and your husband-to-be. You can choose between varieties of stamp designs and find the one that suits you.

The text is also part of the personalized touch; so you can purchase a stamp which already includes the text. Don’t go for the stereotypical stamps; try something new, which will add some extravagance to your wedding day. Test the stamps on different surfaces and choose the one that matches the invitation style the best.

Destination wedding invitations

wedding invitationAnother good idea for DIY wedding invitations are the destination wedding invitations or the bottle wedding invitations.

The DIY destination wedding invitations are very easy to create. They can be some postcards with some exotic destination or the destination of the wedding. In case you are getting married on an island, those invitations are perfect for you.

Bottle wedding invitations

There is also another original way to invite guests. You can send some DIY bottle wedding invitations, which are an interesting and extravagant way to invite your guests.

Those invitations are extremely good, in case you are getting married in an exotic destination or in a wine region. Just add handwritten postcards with the destination to the bottle and send it to your guests. They surely will appreciate the gesture; especially if the bottles are filled with quality wine.

You can also fill the bottles with sand. The sand can be a sign that you are getting married on a beach.

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