When organizing a wedding, there are a lot of trends to be taken into consideration. You will have to think about the wedding dress, the dresses of the bridesmaids, the decorations, location, venue, food and so on. You will also have to think about the wedding invitation cards because they also have to follow the latest trends of 2011.

In this year the trendiest wedding invitation cards are coming in silver, gold and blue colors. These suggest luxury, elegance and also originality. The popular designs include the flower designs and other kinds of well-known motifs. Really interesting accessories this year seem to be the buttons.

Wedding Invitation Cards

Those who like the Asian culture are in luck this year because there are a lot of wedding invitation cards that come with oriental designs. To achieve maximum effect, present the invitations in luminous gold folding envelopes.

One of the most important elements this year is the quality of the graphics. This is why one of the most popular styles is art-deco. Due to the neat designs it is quickly gaining popularity. According to the wedding theme you will also be able to choose among a wide range of different fonts and pastel details similar to the ones that the wedding dress has, adding a feminine touch.

If you are not looking for the elegant and luxurious look of the wedding invitation cards presented until now, think of all the colors that you like and create with their help your original wedding invitation, with the trend coming from you.

In case you don’t really have anything specific in mind, you could also go with the colors of the season. In case of a summer wedding opt for the bright colors, but it might be a good idea to keep only the pastel colors, adding a soft touch to the invitations. In case there is a certain holiday date around the wedding date, you could use the same color theme.

The color that you choose for the wedding invitations could become the focal point of the wedding, represented by the color of the bouquets, reception décor and wedding apparel. Nonetheless you have to remember that not everything has to be in the same color so that you won’t overpower the entire decoration.

As it has been mentioned, officially the year of 2011 is the year of fancy colors in case of the wedding invitations. You might observe that the trend changes on a yearly basis, but the basic designs seem to remain the same. The difference is made by something more added to the invitations, offering magic to them.

The truth is that you could have any color combination that you want because you shouldn’t forget for one minute that this is your wedding and you can have anything you want. For example you could have a wedding invitation with white and blue stripes and you can be sure that the guests will like it anyway if they can sense that you are happy about the design that you have created.



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