Wedding Invitation is one of the prime duties while you are planning out a wedding event. Since time immemorial, cards have been used as the one and only medium for wedding invitation with floral and ornamental motifs, sometimes even with pictures of couples holding hands etc. Now times have changed and seen a completely new dimension of creativity and it’s amazing to see how anything and everything can be converted to a wedding invitation medium.

wedding invitation


While sending out wedding invitations, the prime attention should be paid on conveying the right message about the couple, the wedding venue, address, date and time and this all can be done on a creatively crafted package that will personify the personalities of the couple. Here, we present you a collection of unique wedding invitation ideas that will raise brows of the invitees for sure –

1. Invite on popped up balloons

This is a fun kind of wedding invitation idea, where the invitation note is printed on the balloon and inflated once you meet the person and invite him personally. However, this idea has gained popularity even over overseas invitation as the recipient gets busy to inflate the balloon to see the wedding details. You can get different themed prints on the balloons or just choose a single, warm colour like red or pink and write and get the details imprinted.

2. Laser Cut Wooden Wedding Invitations

If you are an eco-friendly person, this idea will surely woo you. Many gift shops and service counters offer this kind of laser inscriptions on wooden plates. You can simply give them your details of wedding and they will make a simple wooden plank into a creative wedding card. To make it even more interesting, you can give the picture of the couple and they will etch it on one side of the plank. Such personalised wedding card invitations have been very popular lately.

3. Floral wedding invitations

A bouquet of flowers is something that never goes unnoticed. Buy your invitee a bouquet with a special note attached giving him / her all the wedding details. This note can be made from handmade paper with golden letters telling all about your wedding venue etc. The bouquet can be of real or artificial flowers as per your choice.

4. Spice box wedding invitation

Starting the invite with a fresh and aromatic treat, you can choose a well assorted spice box as your medium. There are many stores selling spice boxes that are already filled with best of the spices in separate scoops; all you need to do is ask them to make a special cover for the box that looks like a placard detailing all about the wedding. Your invitees will not only love this idea but also remember the grand wedding whenever they get the taste of the spices.

5. Calendar Wedding Invitation

Get a customized calendar of around 3-4 pages and take some images of the couples of different occasions. Let the images be the main focus of the page along with one message on each page – the first page can say about the couple, the next about the wedding venue, then the date and time. The calendar columns can be set at the bottom of the page. A desktop calendar is preferable for such purpose as it will be something very personal and intimate for your invitees.


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