Although you might think that the design is the most difficult aspect to decide on regarding the wedding invitations, you may find that you also need tips for wedding invitation wording. The point is that you have to try different formulations until you find one you are happy with.

Tips for Wedding Invitation Wording

The parents

As one of the tips, you could think about listing the parents without their surnames. It seems really traditional to address them as Mr. and Mrs. The wording should be something like “John and Elizabeth Smith delightfully invite you to the marriage of their son Emanuel Smith to Kathleen Maine, daughter of Mike and Mary Johnson.”

Relax the request line

Make sure that the request line will be suitable for the style of the invitation. According to the ideas for wedding invitation wording, if you aren’t getting married in a religious institution or if you will have a casual wedding, you should go for the wording “pleasure of your company”.

Altering the request line

When it comes to the tips for wedding invitation wording, you might be bored with the traditional wordings. In this case you can forget about “pleasure of your company” or “honor of your presence” and opt for something like “invite you to celebrate and share”.


In some cases the couples host the wedding together with the parents and in this case the wedding invitation wording ideas tell you that you can skip mentioning the names of the parents. Instead the invitation should only have the name of the bride and groom and the text “together with their parents”.

Couple hosts

The people looking for tips for wedding invitation wording ought to know that if the couple is hosting the wedding alone, without the parents, they can skip entirely mentioning their parents. Although this may seem rude to you, more and more couples opt for this.

Saving space

Depending on the wedding design that you choose, you might want to save some space with the wording. In this case the advice regarding wedding invitation wording includes adding only the names of the bride and the groom and a short request line without any big words.

The couples looking for tips for wedding invitation wording may find it helpful to take a look at some wedding invitation samples to find the wording that they have been looking for and they could ask their parents too.


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