If a wedding is what you are planning next, then you ought to know that not only dresses are a subject to the latest trends in fashion, but also wedding invitations! Here are the latest trends for this year: fashionable, colored, imprinted and funny, these are a few of the latest trends in the matter.

One thing you can go for are the tribal prints. You will have to choose bright nuances and fancy patterns to be in the trends. Go for the most intricate designs you can find and personalize your invitations to the maximum.

Do not forget to pay good attention to the combinations of colors, though, and make sure they represent the general note of the event: either gallant and classic or funky and modern, your invitations should match the whole event.

Another thing you can do in order to make those invitations your very own: mark the location where the wedding is taking place.

Make your future guests imagine as many things as possible about the place they are going to fly to, before actually boarding on the plane. And you can do that by using inspiration from the nature: trees, flowers and leaves are very much in the trend for 2010.

Source: weddingpaperdivas



  1. Design invitations in 2010 which is very attractive. I like the design with blue color combined with green, invitation design is very bold and modern, captivating mix of bright colors.


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