If you are someone whose wedding is just round the corner and you are thinking of ways to invite your near and dear ones, then you must know that sending classic or regular wedding invitation cards is not the only way.  These days, there are many more alternatives to wedding invitations which you can try out.

These alternatives will not only take your guests by surprise but will also give your wedding an edge and a creative difference.  The following are some of the most amazing alternatives to wedding invitations which you can try out:

amazing alternatives to wedding invitations1. Get it Printed on Cloth

If you wish to find an alternative that works equally well, then instead of using paper, you can get the invitation printed on cloth.  After doing so, you can get a nice lace attached around the cloth and roll it and tie with a string. This can act as a superb idea which your invitees will appreciate greatly.

2. Send an Inflated Balloon

Another way to invite your guests to your wedding is to paste an inflated balloon on top of a paper or cardboard. The balloon must have your wedding day details written on it so that when it is blown or filled with air, the details appear. This is a highly creative way to invite guests and is also something which everyone will remember forever.

3. Film Canister

Remember those film rolls that were earlier used in cameras? What you can do is that you can get such film rolls made. When people will pull the film, the details of the wedding day like date, time, venue etc. will appear.  Make sure the roll is packaged well for a nice effect.

4. Print on Wood

If you do not have too many guests to invite then you can also get your wedding day details and invite printed on small piece of wood, packed in a nice box. This is a superb way to say that you will love to have the recipient at the most important day of your life and works really well.

5. Get a Photograph of yours with the Invite

Another way to invite people to your wedding is to send across a photograph of you and your fiancé clicked with your wedding day details. You can both lie down on the ground and have someone write the date, time and venue on the ground with chalk. This photograph can work wonders.


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